Best Online Casino Tech Upgrades in 2018

The best online casinos 2018 will feature these high tech advancements.

Best Online Casinos 2018 Tech UpgradesPredicting the future is a tricky thing. The new year is just around the corner, and as always, advancements in technology are sure to continue. Going on what we already know about online casino market trends and high-tech equipment, I’ll try to project the future of this industry in 2018.

Upgrades to Live Casino Gambling

Topping the list is the Live Casino industry. Not land-based casinos, but live dealer casinos that utilize state-of-the-art camera equipment to live stream games to desktop and mobile users. They use real tables in real a casino studio, with professional dealers and croupiers.

Live games have been around for more than a decade. However, this industry has grown immensely in the last year. Internet connection speeds and video/audio output quality have finally caught up with what these live tables are capable of delivering.

Much like the award-winning Dream Catcher Live wheel game, introduced by Evolution in early 2017, there are bound to be a few new live casino games coming to market in 2018. This is sure to be one of best online casino advancements, and I for one can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Greater Security Measures

Since day one, the internet has been reliant on exponential advancements in security to protect users. These days, we use the internet to do lots of money related activities, not just online gambling. This coming year, I expect to see even stronger security measures introduced.

The most reputable online casinos already use the strictest measures available. Knowing how hard they’re working to increase security and protect each player’s personal and financial information helps deliver that oh-so-necessary peace of mind.

Bring On the VR Casino Games!

I honestly thought we would see more virtual reality in the iGaming market in 2017. That didn’t really happen. There were plenty of introductions for VR gaming in general, but very little movement in the real money gambling realm.

VR Roulette by MicrogamingI have a strong feeling 2018 will be the year VR casino games finally come to market in a substantial way. Instead of pressing or tapping a spin button, we’ll be able to physically reach out and pull a lever to spin the slots. We’ll grab and place chips on the roulette table. We’ll tap our cards to hit in blackjack. And – dare I say it? – we’ll physically toss the dice onto the virtual craps table.

Best Online Casinos 2018?

It’s hard to say exactly which online casinos will adopt this amazing new technology. I’ve got my money on Royal Vegas Casino, which integrates the software of two of the most highly acclaimed developer sin the business, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming.

It’s safe to assume that Microgaming will be right there in the middle of it all. This company has been the pioneer of online gambling in so many ways. It was the very first internet casino software firm, dating back t 1994. It was also the first to present mobile gambling, and the first to develop a true VR casino game (pictured right, although it’s not available for real money play at this time).

As for the live casino realm, I’d like to see Evolution Gaming take charge. There is simply no better live gaming platform in existence. None even come close. And considering the enormous success of Dream Catcher, no doubt their engineers are already working on some fantastic new ideas.


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