The Trouble with New Online Casinos Canada

Is Newer Really Better? Comparison of new versus trusted online casinos Canada

New Online Casinos Canada versus Trusted Online Casinos CanadaSo many people are always looking out for the next big thing. They want to invest in an up and coming company. They want to use the latest technology. There’s a stereotype of sorts that newer must be better, especially where technology is concerned. But that’s not always the case.

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people are asking about new online casinos for Canadian players. I suppose it’s possible that some of them have already been through the full gamut of reputable, Canadian-facing gambling websites. New casinos do open the door for redeeming big sign-up bonuses.

But I’m pretty familiar with weighing the odds, and I would be willing to bet that most people seeking out new Canada casinos are under the stereotypical assumption that newer is simply better. Having more than a decade of experience, I beg to differ.

New Online Casinos Canada

As mentioned before, a new gambling website is going to offer a big, juicy promotion to attract players. It could be a match bonus of 100% up to a few hundred dollars, or even better—maybe 200% or 400% up to $100+. You don’t find bonuses of this nature for existing members, so I’ll admit, they are appealing.

The problem is that these operators have yet to establish a reputation. Who knows if the casino has solid financial backing? If hundreds of players make a deposit, and then half of them turn around and request a withdrawal of winnings, will there be enough money in it to cover those cashouts?

What if the company has no intention of paying out winners to begin with? There have been multiple cases throughout history of rogue operators opening up shop, accepting deposits, then disappearing from cyberspace a few months later. The players who trusted them lost everything.

Obviously, not every new online casino is going to be a bad one. In fact, the majority of them are good ones. But until they are around long enough to establish a reputation, it’s hard to say who you can and can’t trust.

Trusted Online Casinos Canada

The previous section paints a pretty clear picture of where I’m going with this. Trusted online casino operators have been around for years—in some cases, decades! They’ve built a solid reputation, founded on longevity, security, transparency, and overall customer satisfaction.

No business comes into the market as a distinguished operator. That title must be earned, and well maintained. I’ve seen operations that succeeded for years, suddenly go awry. It almost always has to do with a lack of financial stability and preparedness.

The most trustworthy online casinos are backed by major companies that prepare for the future, no matter what it may bring. Fortune Lounge Group (FLG) is a perfect example. FLG is the owner of 12 distinguished online casinos for Canadian players, including its flagship brand, Royal Vegas, established in 2000.

FLG maintains separate financial accounts for each brand, specifically to segregate player funds so that every withdrawal request is payable, on time, anytime—even if hundreds of them come in on the same day.

This is the kind of trust players can expect from well-established operators. And it’s what every player should be privileged to. Give those new online casinos some time to gain a reputation, good or bad, before diving into uncharted waters.

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