Pinnacle Sports: iDebit on BetFair’s Biggest Rival

We like to cover all gambling sites that accept iDebit, and one of the ones that has been on our radar since the beginning, is Pinnacle Sports. This has always played second fiddle to BetFair, operating as a betting exchange in the shadow of the world’s biggest gambling community, but in the last year or so the number of players on this site has grown exponentially.

What is Pinnacle Sports?

Also known as just “Pinnacle”, Pinnacle Sports was founded back in 1998. This means that although it is often considered to be one of BetFar’s closet rivals and a new pretender to the throne, it is actually two years older than BetFair. Pinnacle Sports is located on Curacao and operates as a sports book, among other things.

Pinnacle Sports struggled to get customers in the early days and many saw its business model as flawed. Other companies offered free bets to lure customers in, and this was what the industry was based on, but Pinnacle Sports didn’t run any such promotions. Instead, Pinnacle Sports offered better odds, allowing customers to earn more money over time. This wasn’t of as much benefit to new members, but it worked wonders for loyal members and it also went some way to attracting high-rollers, for whom these small margins added up to a lot of extra cash.

The Pinnacle Sports betting site offers an array of markets across most sports. This is rivaled only by BetFair, who have always been considered to have the most variety in this area. Punters are generally not left wanting on Pinnacle Sports, as they have everything covered, with plenty of markets on all sports. The betting system is a little different to other sites, but it allows for finer margins and ultimately puts more money in the customer’s pocket, which is key and has been a big part of their success.

Other Features

Six years after they first launched, Pinnacle Sports added an online casino to their site. The online casino industry had been around for a few years at this time, but it was only just starting to take-off and Pinnacle Sports arrived at the perfect time. The casino still stands to this day, offering everything from pontoon and roulette, to blackjack, pai gow and video poker.

Fast forward another four years and Pinnacle Sports did their bit to cash-in on the online poker boom, launching their own poker room. A change in the law forced them to close this room though, as regulations had made it difficult to keep it running. The poker room only lasted for 3 years and many customers were disappointed to see it go.

Pinnacle Sports continued to advance though and in 2010 they became the first bookmaker to offer odds on an array of eSports, also know as virtual sports. This is a large part of their recent success, as they now generate more money through these markets than they do for many of the real sporting markets.


Pinnacle Sports used to be available in the US, but they stopped allowing US players in 2007. They still accept iDebit though, and they are also available in many other countries around the world.

If you want to see what the fuss is all about, then head on over to Pinnacle Sports and get yourself an account. It isn’t quite at the level that BetFair is at, but it has many features that BetFair does not have, which in itself makes Pinnacle Sports a must try.

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